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Devolver Digital Steam Sale is live with huge discounts on many titles

The developer of many games like Hotline Miami and The Talos Principal has started a huge discount on Steam.

The studio behind games like The Talos Principal and Hotline Miami has started a huge discount on Steam. When I say huge I mean discounts like 80% and such. Without wasting your time, here are a couple of examples of the discount:

  • The Talos Principal: $880%, (with all the DLCs, $11)
  • Hotline Miami – $375%
  • Serious Sam 3: BFE – $880%
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number: $474%

You can also check the full list of games on the Steam page to have a better idea. Also, the devs have announced on Twitter that 10% of the income will be donated to the organization Games Done Quick, the organization previously started a fund raise for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. So go ahead and check out the games.

Enjoy your cheap games and stay tuned for more!

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