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A new video of SCUM showcases the wet and dry system of the upcoming game

The physics mechanics of the game will create a unique flavor for sure.

SCUM, an upcoming multiplayer open-world survival game, gets a new video showcasing the wetness mechanics of the game. The game promises a realistic multiplayer experience with many unique features that players haven’t seen before. One of these mechanics will be the wetness and drying mechanic.

This features explains itself actually. There is nothing more for us to say. But the implementation of this feature what makes this game kind of unique. Along with many other features like an almost limitless customization, character development and survival mechanics, this wetness thingy will add a good flavor for sure. Here is the video fellas:

The game will punish you or reward you for getting wet and drying yourself. In order to do so, you will have a couple of tactics like using the sun or the wind to dry yourself. You can get a cold if you stay for too long under the rain. And you will have to take care of yourself in order to survive in this environment.

The game will be available in the first quarter of 2018, on Steam.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more news fellas.

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