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No Man’s Sky’s new version of Overhaul mod brings adjustments and improvements

Thanks to modder RaYRoD_TV, a new version of No Man’s Sky’s Overhaul mod is available. Version 1.2.2 of No Man’s Sky improves Exocraft camera and brings various adjustments and fixes.

RaYRoD_TV replicates E3 moments that were featured in the game’s E3 trailers and tries to improve the gameplay experience. Here are the release note of the new version of Overhaul mod:

  • Improved Exocraft Camera
  • Underwater biome density adjustments
  • Freighter Biome Warpin fix attempt #5 (Please report back)
  • The E3 scaled planets + solar systems now has correctly positioned cloud height
  • Various other adjustments
  • zzDefault Gameplay Difficulty.pak now has default gravity and a default powered mining beam
  • Included a rare/unique bug hotfix folder section for users who have odd bugs
    Optonal Mods > Rare+Unique Bug Hotfixes
  • Temporarily disabled buildings that went underground and clipped with grass (May be re-added and fixed soon)

If you are interested, you can go ahead and download the mod from here. Stay tuned!

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