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Visit Deckard’s apartment with Blade Runner 9732

Since I’ve just seen Blade Runner 2049 and I am overly excited about it, I think it is a perfect opportunity for everyone in here to take a tour to our beloved Deckard’s apartment and dream of electric sheep.

Blade Runner 9732 is a virtual tour which lets us visit Deckard’s gloomy Los Angeles apartment. It will be available on Steam on January 7, yet there is a beta release which you can download from Google Drive.

If you are a Blade Runner fan, I think it will be a huge mistake not to download and give it a go. There is not much interactivity, yet there is an unstoppable nostalgia. Even, Developer Quentin Lengele want to add Rachael at some point in the future. There will be whiskey bottles, a police card and many more. For more detailed information, you can visit here and witness the progress.

Stay tuned!

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