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Ubisoft gives away World in Conflict, AC IV: Black Flag & Watch_Dogs

My Uplay library is comprised of giveaways…

Generosity is a great value, and Ubisoft surely knows what it is doing. In 2017, a lot of great publishers got roasted by the gaming community; and… OH what am I saying? Writing about games was my dream-job and I hate it now. I HATE the gaming community and the community around earth in general and I hate writing with a sassy, witty tone which I don’t know where the hell I got the idea from… I write nothing but a disgusting cocktail of puberty and adulthood in a shit stained jar, representing the face of a lost generation who may be the most insincere and the most self-destructive of all generations, a pathetic crowd of complete fuck-ups who think themselves as demigods while jerking off on animated semi-humans. You, me, all of us; while talking passionately about loot boxes and shit fucking virtual monetization systems, the world gives us surprise butt-fucks and we just moan lazily… So, please stop gaming from time to time and read something else instead of this gibberish. I wonder how many of you still buy gaming magazines. Shit, I wonder if you are still reading at this point.

Phew, since we let that out, we can get back to the news, people. 30 again, promise.

It is time to open your Uplay again, because Ubisoft is making it rain! As a 3-game pack, you can get your hands on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Watch_Dogs and World in Conflict. The first two were already given away by Ubisoft in the passing times, but if you’ve missed the chance, you can get your hands on these beautiful games. Okay, Aidan is a cockwood of a character but we must admit that hacking our way around the near-future Chicago was more than fun. And you already know what Black Flag has to offer: Less mystery, more Moby-Dicking. Fun? Hellyes. As for the World in Conflict, well, you can play or wait a couple more years to witness the real deal from a non-isometric point of view. Heh.

You can claim your games by going here or just opening your Uplay interface. Don’t forget to clean the dust. Heh eheheh.

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