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PlayStation Experience 2017 news roundup

This year again, we left behind another influential PlayStation Experience. There were plenty of new videos and trailers shown during PlayStation Experience 2017. Here are some of them:

Killing Floor: Incursion

“Killing Floor: Incursion for PSVR is a fully-realized, multi-hour, story-driven adventure with an additional endless mode. In solo or co-op mode, travel diverse environments, from creepy farmhouses to the catacombs of Paris, in order to uncover who… or what is behind the Zed menace.”  Coming soon.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

“Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Insomniac Games, in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation, is building a blockbuster action experience where Peter Parker and Spider-Man’s worlds collide.” Coming out in 2018.

The Forest

“The Forest, coming to playstation in 2018! Build a small camp or a large ocean side fortress. Craft weapons from sticks and stones. Fight to stay alive against a vicious enemy force. Experience in singleplayer or with friends in cooperative multiplayer!”

Flipping Death

“Welcome to Flatwood Peaks, a small whimsical town with a problem – death is on vacation! Help the ghosts with their curious problems while also solving the mystery surrounding your own demise in this new puzzling adventure from Zoink Games” Coming in Spring 2018.

2064: Read Only Memories

“2064: Read Only Memories brings the low life and high tech of Neo-San Francisco to PS Vita, with new stories and an all-star voice cast that brings the city to life.”

Shadow of the Colossus – 60 FPS Performance Mode and Cinematic Mode

“Shadow of the Colossus is rebuilt for the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. We talked to Bluepoint Games to understand how they approached designing for the PS4 Pro, and the differences between the two modes: Cinematic Mode, and Performance mode, which targets 60 FPS.”


“Experience the thrills of a fast-paced single and multiplayer Parkour game. Join the Rebellion and deride the security forces of an anti-leisure tyranny. Rise up to the many challenges of a futuristic Open World. Assemble your team, enhance your gear and perform incredible tricks and combos.”

Anamorphine – Tyler’s Struggle Gameplay Walkthrough

“Tyler is finding himself as he hits rock bottom. Discover what happened by journeying through Tyler’s memories of his relationship with his wife Elena and her depression. Escape his reality, or face it and figure out how to move on as Tyler’s subconscious twists the game in unexpected ways.”


“Meet the legend of music game again on PlayStation®4! Enjoy the variety of legendary DJMAX classics and also new songs at ‘DJMAX RESPECT’!”


“Dive into northern Mexico’s breathtaking landscapes with Mulaka, a 3D action-adventure game based on the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara. Renowned for their impressive running abilities, embark on the journey of a Sukurúame – a Tarahumara shaman – as you fight back the foulness corrupting the land, while drawing upon the powers of demigods.”

Children of Morta

“IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY. The Bergson family has watched over Mount Morta for generations as the guardians of the mystical mountain. They now face their most dangerous trial as a family. Corruption has spread, morphing the once peaceful mountain into a violent and monster infested nightmare. Experience what it means to be in a family of heroes. Take part in their journey, their struggles, and their victories!”


“Moonlighter is an Action RPG with rogue-lite elements that demonstrates two sides of the coin – revealing everyday routines of Will, an adventurous shopkeeper that secretly dreams of becoming a hero.”

Tower 57

“Let’s fight arm in arm, TOGETHER! Tower 57 is a fast-paced neo-retro shooter where cooperation is as important as your ammo capacity. As a member of an extraordinary task force fight your way through a dieselpunk megatower and uncover its hidden secrets.”

Fantasy Strike

“Fantasy Strike is a deceptively simple fighting game from David Sirlin, the lead designer of Super Street Fighter 2: HD Remix. Play as a ninja, dragon, painter or panda in this easy-to-learn, but difficult to master fighting game built for both beginners and veterans of the genre.”


“We’re excited to announce the hit indie roguelike platformer 20XX is coming to PS4 in early 2018! Jump and shoot your way through ever-changing levels, collect awesome new powers, and battle mighty bosses in the name of saving the human race maybe! Full co-op means you can play with a friend on the couch or online.”

Knockout League

“Knockout League is coming to PSVR! This is arcade style VR boxing and it’s ready to give you the challenge of a lifetime. Train in the gym of the legendary Doug Johnson or step into the ring against 9 crazy characters and put your boxing skills to the test!”

Shooty Fruity Live Action Trailer

“Shooty Fruity is a multi-tasking shooter only possible with PlayStation®VR & PlayStation®Move. Can you do your job as a sharpshooting shop clerk during the heat of combat? Take on new roles, unlock new weapons & blow up tons of fruit in your juicy career. Scan! Shoot! Repeat!”

Metro Exodus

“The desperate survivors who cling to existence beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow have long given up hope of life returning to the surface…except for one. Embark on an incredible, continent-spanning journey across the Russian wilderness in Metro Exodus, coming Fall 2018.”

World War Z

“Saber Interactive and Paramount Pictures presents World War Z, a new four-player coop third-person shooter coming in 2018 to PlayStation 4!”

Absolver 3v3 Overtake Update

“The Absolver 3v3 Overtake update is live on PlayStation 4 with new gameplay modes, private 1v1 matches, and more!”

The Surge : A Walk in The Park Launch Trailer

“Come visit CREO World in hardcore action RPG The Surge’s new major expansion! A Walk in the Park opens up to PlayStation®4 owners today and is, along with the original game, optimized for PS4™ Pro.”

Guns of Icarus Alliance

“The call of war beckons. Assemble your crew, customize your airship, and take to the skies over the charred remains of a post-apocalyptic world. The time of reckoning is upon every captain and crew; to set forth into battle to see who reigns supreme. Guns of Icarus Alliance, the ultimate team-based experience, is coming to PlayStation®4.”


  • PvP and PvE
  • AI that learns
  • Six unique factions vying for control
  • A constantly changing world map
  • Character and ship customization
  • and much more!


“Iconoclasts releases January 23! Play as the passionate hobby mechanic Robin as you fight your way through the dangers that come with choosing your own path, using just your wrench and trusty sidearm.”

Dragon’s Crown Pro

“Coming Spring 2018!”

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

“Experience life as a clone of Morty and all the trauma that comes with it. Step through portals to strange worlds, help Rick with his bizarre experiments, and use your hands in VR to pick up and play in a 3D Rick-ality.”


“Here’s the teaser trailer for MediEvil, which premiered at PlayStation Experience 2017.”

Monster Hunter: World: Third Fleet Trailer

“The fate of the New World is your hands, hunters. Monster Hunter: World comes to PlayStation 4 on January 26, 2018.”

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

“Check out the PlayStation Experience premiere trailer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.”

Jupiter & Mars

“First glimpse at Jupiter & Mars, an underwater adventure game developed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Play as Jupiter, a dolphin with enhanced echolocation powers, and her partner Mars, to solve puzzles, encounter magnificent creatures known as the Elders, and travel around the world to disable the remnants of manmade machinery disrupting marine live everywhere. Watch the world return to life as you free sea creatures, unlock special power-ups, and return coral reefs to life. Featuring an amazing, futuristic underwater world set to an evocative, electronic soundtrack, Jupiter & Mars is unlike any adventure game you have ever seen or heard.”

WipEout Omega Collection

“Now, prepare to see the world of WipEout in a whole new way as you blast round Omega Collection’s tracks in PS VR. Coming Early 2018”

Omen of Sorrow

“Omen of Sorrow is a new fighting game, with a setting inspired by literature, myth and horror.”

Stay tuned!

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