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The Surge ‘A Walk in the Park’ DLC is now available

The Surge is a sci-fi, action role-playing game by Deck13 Interactive. The game’s role-playing style is designed similar to Souls series.

The Surge is set in a dystopian future where mankind has exhausted the world’s resources, leading to strained social service and environmental diseases. Dystopian future during Earth’s fall, we can say.

The Surge’s combat system lets you target specific limbs of enemies and harvest their technology after. The Surge has unique character progression system based on modular upgrades gained through combat. Customization of your exo-suit will lead different fighting styles.

Now, The Surge’s major expansion, A Walk in the Park, is available. A Walk in the Park welcomes players to CREO World which is an amusement park built by CREO for its employees and their families. But beware, the entire park is a deadly trap where roaming rescue teams have gone insane and robotic mascots patrol freely, patiently waiting for new visitors to offer a deadly welcome.

With the launch of A Walk in the Park, The Surge is now 50% off. It is a perfect time to take advantage of the discount, if you ask me. Stay tuned for more!

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