Soldiers of the Universe – A story-driven first person shooter

Soldiers of the Universe is a first person shooter title developed by Rocwise Entertainment and seems like it is on the way to quench the thirst of FPS lovers.

Soldiers of the Universe is a story-driven FPS which tells the story of a group of soldiers fighting against terrorist organizations in the Middle-East, in Turkey to be exact. A secret military organization named as Akinci Warriors are to fight against terrorist and Soldiers of the Universe’s story revolves around this team. The main protagonist Hakan takes his father Selim Kahraman’s place as The Toyga of Akinci Warriors and lead the team in order to revenge his father.

This is a battle against terror and if you are following the news, you know one or two things about the ongoing terrorist attacks in Turkey. Hakan and his team will join in operations against various terror organizations at Southeast Anatolia, North Syria and Istanbul.

Here is the trailer:

If you like what you see, Soldiers of the Universe is now available on Steam. Stay tuned!

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