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New SpellForce 3 trailer showcases the Orc faction

Grimlore Games is adding a brand new title to the SpellForce series with SpellForce 3. The game will take place ~500 years before convocation. It will be a SpellForce prequel. The story of SpellForce 3 takes place before the events of The Order of Dawn in the fantasy world of Eo.

Now, THQ Nordic shared a new trailer which shows off the new Orc faction of the game. This is the third faction we’ve seen so far.

The Orcs of SpellForce 3 live for the fight. They believe that strength only comes from conflict, and that peace is a sign of weakness. It is no wonder, then, that the Orcs count on brutal tactics on the battlefield. They come with fierce fighters, fearsome wolf-raiders, devastating magic and giant trolls to smash any resistance without mercy.

Here is the trailer:

SpellForce 3 is coming on December 7th, we hope. We will be back with more detailed news!

Stay tuned.

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