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You can now buy plots of land in Star Citizen

Claim your lot!

Cloud Imperium Games has announced that you are now able to pre-purchase plots of land in Star Citizen. Here is how it works: UEE Land Claim Licenses can now be had for $50 for a 4km x 4km “lot,” or $100 for an 8×8 “estate,” zoned for commercial, residential, or industrial use.

By pre-purchasing the land, you will help fund the development of Star Citizen, yet you will be able to purchase it with your in-game money once it launches.

Licenses can be bought for UEC in game and no one will be able to claim land before the mechanic is available in game for all. People that own claim licenses now, during the anniversary sale to support development, and people that earn the money in-game to buy one will be on equal footing assuming they have enough UEC, especially as there will be millions of locations for people to explore and claim within the Universe over the life time of the game. Due to the billions of square kilometers of available land over many planets and moons and of course as new Star Systems are introduced and explored, all players will have the ability to find and claim new ‘hot spots’ throughout the lifetime of the game.

If you want to have some more detailed information about this new feature, you can visit here.


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