Steam new currency changes has caused many problems in some countries

Steam has recently let users from different countries to use their own currency. At first, it sounded like a good idea but almost immediately people started complaining about the price changes. Along with that, some people reported that some games were not even possible to look at. This transition basically let the big companies to roll up the prices whereas some indie companies did the opposite. But in any case, USD based prices are not reflected as they should have been.

When people started checking the prices on the Steam, they realized that the prices were totally different. Most o the prices are normally 30 percent lower than the original price based on USD. A Reddit post shows the differences in detail. This is of course a little bit confusing and unfair for users in some countries. But there is another problem which makes this transition more and more annoying.

Wait… What game?

Certain publishers like Rockstar and 2K Games haven’t set the prices yet. As a consequence the ‘Buy’ button on the Steam page of their titles are not available yet. Some of these titles are GTA V, Max Payne 3, XCOM 2 and Civilization 6. The problems are not limited to these of course. In some other countries same problems have occurred.

This problem is not a new thing for other countries like Turkey. The price differences and unfairly high rolling up system makes it more and more difficult to buy some games. Sometimes it is possible to see that the price of a game is crazy high and sometimes it is completely the opposite. Even though it is a good thing for people who live in another country other than the USA, sometimes it gets a little annoying. Although the problem is new for these 11 countries now, I am sure that it will be resolved in no time. So be patient fellas and keep checking the Steam pages of your favorite games.

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