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Super Daryl Deluxe a new hand drawn ARPG will be available in April 2018

Beautifully designed RPG game with many action features.

Now we can take a breath and stop thinking about the microtransaction madness for a while. I have some good news guys. If you ever played Jotun or other hand drawn games you will have an idea about what I’m going to talk about. A new ARPG (Action RPG) game, Super Daryl Deluxe will launch in April 2018. According to the developers, Dan & Gary Games, the game will focus on a teenager in his high school years. But there will be more of course.

The main story will evolve around Daryl, a teenager who studies in a ‘perfectly normal’ high school. You will try to find out what is going on around and find the connection between them and what happened forty years ago. Words are very unnecessary when you have the chance to take a look at a video right? There you go then:

What impressed me is the humor and the design of the game. You know that we love indie games, especially when they promise fun and enjoyment. And this ‘totally normal RPGvania’ looks pretty promising if you ask me. The action aspects and the more than 15 hours of story will make a good mixture for sure. We will have to wait a little bit more before we can sure. But in any case, we will wait for it. Lastly, the game will probably be available for PS4 and PC but we are not sure yet.

So, if you are interested, stay tuned until the next time we hear from this jewel fellas!

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