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Dead Dozen – A multiplayer zombie game from the devs of The Wild Eight

From the creators of The Wild Eight, there comes something new and unexpected. Dead Dozen is a multiplayer action horror game where you turn into a ghoul after your death as a human. If you are playing as a Survivor, you loot, barricade and cooperate with your friends but if you are playing as a Ghoul, you need to infiltrate, infect and eat your former human friends. When you die, you will come back as a Ghoul and hunt your friends.

In 1993 a strange group of 12 people is entrapped by mysterious force inside the abandoned Soviet research base deep in Siberia…

You can play Dead Dozen up to 12 players and early alpha access is an option, if you like. You can go ahead and visit here for more detailed information.

Here is the brilliant trailer of the game:

Dead Dozen will hit PC and we will be back with a release date soon enough, we hope. The alpha version of the game will launch on  January 8 with the core game and one map. Stay tuned!

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