This Land is My Land – An upcoming Western open-world PC game


If you are a PC gamer and if you are aware of Red Dead Redemption, you are probably dying to play it. Yet you can’t since it only launched on PlayStation and Xbox. But don’t worry now. We’ve got something for you.

This Land is My Land is an open world stealth action game with a living hostile environment which evolves over time independently from player actions. While playing This Land is My Land, we will step into the shoes of a Native American fighter. The game is set in the American Frontier.

Our protagonist once had a beautiful world, yet it changed because of the incoming settlers. You have to be prepared and actively fight against it if you want to take back your land.

Game mechanics will treat you as an intelligent adult who can make smart decisions to overcome our cooperative AI, that intelligently reacts to threats and changing surroundings.

Every time you start the game, the world will change. This way, every time we will experience different gameplays. Cities will grow differently, camps will develop in altered places, and patrols will take new routes. You will have multiple ways to achieve your target. Every playthrough will be unique to itself.

There is not much information about the game yet, but we will be back when Game Labs announces more. Stay tuned!

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