Anthem single player details will be revealed in the near future

Recent twitter discussions revealed something important for the new IP of BioWare. Anthem, the new project of the studio which created a huge interest during E3, will probably have a rich story driven single player mode. This is not officially confirmed yet. Some answers of Michael Gamble, a BioWare employee has revealed some information. But basically, they want us to wait a little bit more before we get an idea about Anthem. As a huge fan of BioWare’s older titles, I am really excited about this new IP. So I hope that the new IP will be successful regarding this ‘story rich’ subject. And of course we will wait the official statement before we can say something reliable. But before all of this, let’s take a look at the twitter discussions, shall we?

‘Expect more on Anthem’ is a strong statement. I, personally have faith in BioWare regardless of what they did with Mass Effect: Andromeda. But the main question in our heads (and in many others’) is the decision that EA made about Visceral Games. They suddenly closed the studio in favor of more multiplayer oriented projects. That made many fans become worried about their current projects, including me. Being one of the projects that EA has, Anthem also became the center of these concerns. Many fans around the globe started thinking that it will become Destiny clone with nothing but a game focuses on multiplayer. But Michael Gamble also declared that it was too soon to have an idea:

As Michael Gamble said in these tweets, I do believe that it is a little too soon to have an argument about Anthem. However, if EA has these kinds of intentions, I fear that the future of story rich games is dark and scary.

We have to wait a little bit more. We will keep an eye on Anthem and wait patiently to hear more about its single player story.

So, stay tuned for more fellas!

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