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Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon expansion is revealed with an informative video

“It’s dangerous to play with dragons.”

One of the best medieval strategy games out there, Crusader Kings II will receive a new expansion soon. The game itself already offers a perfect experience of the medieval life of a ruler. With many political, economical and military aspects, it is, for many people, one of the best choices for strategy lovers. But I am pretty sure that most of you guys already know this if you are reading this page, right?

So, let’s get to business. The new expansion offers a lot, to be honest. The main feature is the possibility of interaction with the emperor of China. You will be able to earn his favor and use your relationship for your own good. Or you can be a smart-ass and get crushed under his fury, it’s your choice. The main screen for this new feature will basically show the political situation of China. You will be able to see if the current emperor is a peaceful one or just a blood thirsty, power hungry monster. You will be using your resources, your army and your precious eunuchs to have a better relationship with the emperor.

Just like always, your choices will affect everything about this new ruler. You’ll be able to have him attack an enemy for example or have a trade agreement to get even more richer. Along with these new features, there will be a huge new area called “Tibet” where you’ll find new factions and new cultures. The video explains everything and I strongly advise you to watch it if you’re a fan of Crusader Kings II:

The expansion will arrive later this year, so we still have some time before we can enjoy it. Until then, enjoy the video and stay tuned.

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