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Destiny 2 Developers Asks For Feedback From Their Community For Their Future Plans

Destiny 2 developers Asks For Feedback From Their Community For Their Future Plans

It hasn’t been that long since the game was released, but still the developers are pretty excited about making their newest title bigger and bigger. We had heard that there were rumors about their first DLC a while ago. Afterwards, it was confirmed and Destiny 2 fans got hyped for it, naturally. Game director, Christopher Barrett shared a simple tweet which made everybody more and more excited. Here is the tweet:

Since the release date, we have been hearing a lot about Destiny 2 and the possible updates it will receive in the future. That alone shows us that the developers are excited about the game and want to make it better. The upcoming DLC is kind of a mystery now. We have a couple of information of course. But the big news like the release date is not known but it will happen in the future for sure.
So, if you want to give feedback and possibly have an effect on the development of Destiny 2, you can go ahead and share your thoughts.
Until we hear more, stay tuned!

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