Jurassic World: Evolution Gets a New Video Featuring Actual in-game Footage

Jurassic World Evolution

Frontier has recently released a new video for Jurassic World: Evolution. In this video, we can see a couple of dinosaurs and scenes from the actual game. It is on development for quite some time now, and the only thing we could ever had a chance to glance at was the CGI trailer. However, this new video represents better the progress that Frontier made so far. Allright… I stop talking and before I kill you of boredom, I present thee the video:

The game is expected to be released sometime in 2018. Although we do not have an exact date, we (In this case I) consider it to be a potentially successful game. As we can see on the highly detailed website, we will have the chance to build our own Jurassic World. Also, according to Frontier, our choices will matter in this game. These little details make me excited to be honest.

But, we should wait a little bit more before we can make an official statement, of course. But In any case, it’s good to see our little (?) friends again, am I right?

Anyways. Enjoy the video my fellow gamers and keep on dreaming.

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Written by Umut Uyurkulak

Full-time FRP/RPG freak, part-time wannabe musician and a dedicated member of "Nameless MMORPG Addicts Association"

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