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Batman Skyrim mod adds a Batcave, Batsuit and Bathorse

An urban legend haunts Tamriel; all of the holds… the townsfolk whisper of him… of it.

Isn’t that great? If your mother warned you about riding horses with strange men, you can always say that this is not a horse, it is Bathorse!

Skyrim mods never cease to amaze me. We surely have a limitless imagination. This time, TuffMcKagan and Doc117 decided to add Batman to the game with The Batman in Skyrim mod.

A shadow haunts the night, predating on the superstitious, the cowardly. Is it a Nightingale? No, people have reported Nightingales have fallen to its might. A Daedra? Can’t be– it banishes them when it confronts them. Is it an Assassin? One can be skeptical– no one in the Dark Brotherhood knows of anyone like the rumors speak of.

This mod adds a new home called as Vaynius Manor (yes, Wayne Manor), a new race, a standalone set of armor (Batsuit), a new enemy (wears a Luchador mask, claims that the was born in darkness… familiar?), a new NPC (a butler of course), and several new spells, all tied into Batman lore.

The Batcave, the underground cave system of the Vaynius Manor converted to be a base of operations, complete with many things that you’ll just have to see for yourself.

This mod made my day. If you want to know more and even download it, you can visit here.

To the Batcave!

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