Heroes of the Storm is getting an Overwatch themed update

Heroes of the Storm is one of Blizzard‘s multiplayer online battle arena games and it is about the get Overwatched!

According to Blizzard, Heroes of the Storm MOBA is getting an Overwatched themed update which will bring Junkrat the Junker Demolitionist and Ana the Veteran Sniper from Overwatch to Heroes of the Storm. Along with two heroes, a new map will be added to the game.

The new battleground, Volskaya Foundry, will feature capture points like an Overwatch map. The Triglav Protector mech will be controlled by two players as one pilot and one gunner.

This update will also bring new skins; Commandant Varian and Shrike Ana. A new in-game event named as Pachimari Mania will let you open boxes and find Golden Pachimari to complete the four quest parts and unlock awesome rewards before each match.

For more detailed information, you can visit here. Below, you can watch the new battleground review.


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