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A 45 minutes of gameplay video for Star Citizen was released on Gamescom

A Highly anticipated inter galactic sandbox who ‘knows from what genre’ game, Star Citizen got a new gameplay video on Gamespot. On this video, you can see developers play the game showing the main mechanics. And we hope it will be as good as it looks.

The Alpha 3.0 version of the game will feature many things like planet landings, trading and piracy. If the developers can provide the features they promised to do, this will be a masterpiece. Although we are a little bit worried about the possibility of being an another disappointment, we are sure that the team behind Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium, is working hard on this project. The only thing we can do right now is to wait and see. Until the day we can put our hands on the game, we should enjoy the videos. Here is one of them. And it is the biggest one so far:

Sstay tuned for more fellas!

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