Suicide Guy Review

Suicide Guy is a first person action-puzzle game set in a world of dreams and until this moment, it seems like a dark game set in a hellish world, because we are use to the idea delving into twisted minds. But wait, you need to hear more about this.

‘Set in a world of dreams’ sounds like a little bit promising, I must say. If you are living a stressful life, you want your dreams to be relaxing and filled with rainbows since a good night sleep is the key to a healthy life. But what if you need to wake up and you need to wake up as soon as possible? What would wake you up? Yes, death.

Dying in a dream always wakes us up. Some say it is set in our DNA that we fall in our dreams and wake up in the middle of the night since our ancestors were always alarmed while sleeping on a branch of a tree. And this reaction we call now ‘hypnic jerk’ kept us alive when we were hunters and preys. This fear kept its place in our DNA until this very day.

Some say that we wake up when we die in our dreams since we can not comprehend the things after that. And most accurate explanation from my point of view is that when you die in your dream, your brain releases adrenaline and you wake up.

Let the science part of the Tumblr explain it, we are now interested with not the reason but the result of this event.

Our protagonist Suicide Guy is a guy who is relaxing and watching TV and drinking a beer. He is perfect, he is the perfect example of Netflix and chill solo. But, after a tiring day his eyes are starting to fail him. He is drifting into the land of dreams on his coach. Nothing wrong with it. Go on, man. You deserve this. But, wait! Your beer is falling!

So now you know the main goal of Suicide Guy. You are now sleeping and your beer is falling. You need to wake up before your precious golden fluid kisses the carpet, but in order to wake up you must kill yourself in your dream.

I will make it right for you, sleeping beauty.

Suicide Guy is a pretty nice game filled with ways to kill yourself. Seriously, if you have suicidal thoughts or feel triggered, this game may not be for you to play. If you are easily offended, again, this may not be your game. But, I need to stop there for a minute and say something. You can not have suicidal thoughts while you are carrying a companion cube, yes the Companion Cube, and flying your spaceship towards the sun.

Once you realize you are sleeping and your beer is falling, the real game begins. You find yourself in a diner-like place and I guess this place acts as a bridge between dreams and waking up. Here, you delve into different kind of dreams and in each one, you need to find a way to kill yourself.

The game offers 25 levels and this way, 25 ways to kill yourself. And believe me, it gets harder and harder every time. A simple suicide mission turns into a puzzle platformer with little collectibles included. Every level, it gets harder to die. Every level, you must use your environment, found-items and brain to find a way to kill yourself. You will find yourself in a space ship, in a factory with huge blades, in a Tomb Raider kind of temple and such.

Why don’t you jump! 

When Suicide Guy reveals its platformer part, you may find yourself a little bit frustrated since this guy with a huge belly can not properly jump. Or, in a different way, you can say that the controls are a little bit clumsy that you start to think he should have been dead from all the falling and jumping already. Yet he lives, and will live until he properly kills himself.

The puzzle part is fun with no doubt and will bound you to the game. You will find little throwbacks to well-known classic games like Companion Cube from Portal, a level which is similar to Mario and Smaug from The Hobbit. Just kidding.

Also, there are collectible items which will unlock some achievements once found. And, you must use some items in order to solve the puzzles around.

The concept and graphic design of the game are really charming and enjoyable even though you keep dying all the time. Every time, you find yourself in a different place. But, if this level has pillars to jump and edges to hold, you may be disappointed and give up. And when he jumps, the noise he makes may be a little bit disturbing but other than that, soundtracks are always bilevel with the gameplay and I enjoyed them.

Die Hard?

Suicide Guy offers a fun gameplay while making you kill yourself. It is not a dark and gloomy at all, on the contrary, it is a cute little game with beautiful art work. It reminded me a little bit of Firewatch when it comes to art design and environment.

Every time you finish a level, the game reminds you that your beer is getting closer and closer to the ground. You find yourself rushing it, finding a way to kill yourself desperately, but you can’t since puzzles are getting more complicated every level. Suicide Guy requires you to check your environment and use items correctly in order to commit suicide.

But, usage of items is not something you can do easily. Like I’ve mentioned before, controls are a little bit clumsy and tiring. At some point, you need to carry objects around like boxes but you need to take the box in front of you before carrying it. If not, it gets frustrating to carry an object since it does not move like you want it to.

Carrying objects and jumping around makes Suicide Guy a little hard to move. And thus, making it hard to die. I’ve never thought that I would try so hard to die, I would be so desperate to move on the road that will surely kill me. I would totally give up if there was not a beer in the end.

Crashes? No crashes for me.

Since the game is around for some time know, it is already patched and fixed. Yet, I hear and see that the game crashes constantly even after the fix. For me, I can easily say that, there were no crashes.

Suicide Guy runs smoothly and is optimized well enough to cause any gameplay problems.

Fabio Ferrara, the creator of the game, created a lovely gaming experience based upon a weird event which we all experience from time to time. Suicide Guy is a new point of view to the puzzle platformer genre and surely, a new point of view to dying. I enjoyed playing Suicide Guy at full. My only regret is the clumsy controls and nothing more.

Suicide Guy is available on Steam and you can go ahead and give it a try if you like the unique idea by visiting here.

Suicide Guy was reviewed using a Steam key provided by the publisher.

Suicide Guy Review


Don't let the name fool you! Suicide Guy is a brilliant idea and a weird gaming experience rather than a game about dying or depression. I've never thought that I would try so hard to die, I would be so desperate to move on the road that will surely kill me. Suicide Guy has its flaws here and there, but if you want to experience a puzzle platformer with a brand new idea, you should give it a chance.

  • Brilliant story and idea
  • Charming level designs
  • Exhilarating and fun gameplay
  • Pleasant soundtrack
  • Throwbacks to well-known classic games like Portal and Mario
  • Voice acting may be disturbing
  • Clumsy controls
  • Can’t move or use objects around properly

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