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Steam Summer Sale Dates Confirmed

This time of the year again!

Our Lord and Savior Gaben once again reaching to your pockets! Steam Summer Sale dates have been revealed by PayPal and confirmed by Valve.

PayPay shared a tweet saying that Steam Summer Sale will begin at 6 pm BST/1 pm ET on June 22.

Previously, we’ve shared a leaked date with you, and seems like it matches the confirmed date. Thanks to Reddit, we knew. But, are we prepared? I say that we are not. We will be never ready for the destruction of Steam Summer Sale. Like always, we will go delirious.

On June 22, I recommend you to carefully view your wishlist on Steam and contain yourself before purchasing everything you see. Dangerous times my friends, dangerous times.

Stay tuned for more!


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Written by Emine Öztürk

Veteran point & clicker, amateur designer & tattooist, Bringer of Keys and the Harbinger of News.