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A New Horror Mod for Fallout 4: PILGRIM – Dread the Commonwealth

Dogmeat? Is that you?

So, you thought that a ghoul horde rushing towards you in the middle of the night was scary? Or the wicked and disturbing stories you see on the Vault computers were disturbing? Well, think again. Because now, thanks to this mod, it is possible to transform Fallout 4 into a real horror game with darker textures and a new “a little less cheerful” version of Dogmeat…

The mod basically replaces the classic Fallout 4 lightings, musics and visual effects with their disturbing and scary versions instead of changing the core of the game. Moreover, the addition of the film grain effect, a dynamic sound system which changes based on the weather and a camera emulation system which “emulates the way a digital cinema camera captures footage on a film set” makes the game more disturbing than ever. Because, appearently, Centaurs and Ghouls are not disturbing enough…

But… What’s the catch?

There’s always a catch, right? Well, the mod is compatible with many interior mods that exist. But it doesn’t work with the other weather mods. And, unfortunately, PILGRIM is incompatible with Nuka World and Far Harbour DLCs, at least for now. But don’t worry! Because as far as we can tell, they are working on it. And, hopefully, the mod will be available for DLCs in a future release with many other features like new soundtracks, new sounds, a new companion and a Feral Ghoul system.

For more technical information and to see the horrors of post-apocalyptic Boston streets for yourself, you can go and visit this website.

Until then, enjoy the photo gallery and try to decide if you’re ready to forget about the “radiant” sunshine in Fallout 4.

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