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Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Enters Early Access Soon on PC

If you are using a PC or a Mac, consider yourselves lucky.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s greatest content is closing in and we are getting excited more and more. I am not even bored with Tamriel yet and there comes Morrowind.

Morrowind expansion will take place 700 years before the events in TESIII: Morrowind, and brings Vvardenfell island back with 30 hours of gameplay, “Battleground” PvP mode and a new Trial.

Bethesda is now planning to offer an early access period for Morrowind for PC and Mac gamers. If you are one of those and purchased the digital upgrade of the expansion or the collector’s edition, you can access Morrowind starting on May 22. Others must wait until June 6.

Whether starting a new Warden or bringing their existing heroes over to Vvardenfell, PC/Mac upgraders will have a two week jump on the epic storylines and new areas in the massive new Chapter.

By early access, we mean access to the full Morrowind expansion. There are no limits and you will be on live servers.

If you went ahead and bought the physical version of the collector’s edition, you must contact the support team and ask for access.

If you want to take a look at the gorgeous trailer of Morrowind, you can visit here. Also, there is a gameplay trailer and Warden Class video that we’ve shared with you previously.


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