A new event for Overwatch is now live!

It is called “Uprising”.

And it is a co-op “horde” mode for the highly-acclaimed arena shooter Overwatch. It is now live, for your own excitement!

Like the Halloween event, Overwatch Uprising also lets you eliminate horde of mechanical beasts and shielded robots in a 4-player team. These four players are limited to Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy and Torbjörn. While vanquishing enemies, we’ll witness a “key event” from Overwatch history. Frankly, even if you don’t play or not into the lore of Overwatch, you gotta appreciate the effort put into creating an alive world.

Some characters, such as McCree, Genji, Widowmaker, Mercy, Torbjorn, Bastion and Orisa, will get new skins along with the new game mode. And as you all know, there are a lot of new drops –over a hundred skins, emotes, sprays etc, the leaked video states.

Here is the leaked “Insurrection” video, in French:

Apparently we’ll be fighting in a rioted, destructed version of the King’s Row map, in daytime.

Wondering how do these skins look? Here they are (taken from the video):

Don’t worry, Hanzo will also get some new legendary skins. I heard there are three of them. The event will probably end on May 1, so be quick and obliterate the enemies!

Stay tuned!

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