Overwatch finally has a “Report” system

Give the newcomers a break.

Did you ever think that calling someone “noob” and verbally abusing that person is a little idiotic? Because, you know, we did not come to this world with immense knowledge of whatever game we’re playing. We were a “noob” once. So, why -or when- did it become so hard to establish empathy with the newcomers and helping them out? Do these people want somebody to start a career on quantum mechanics, just to invent “quantum slap”? To slap the sh*t out of these verbally-abusing misanthropes no matter where they are? That would be very useful.

Anyway. Overwatch is one of those competitive games in that you can get bleached just for selecting the “wrong hero” or doing something stupid, (everybody does something stupid sometimes) or sometimes just being a female gamer. And it did not have a “report” system until today. Well, that changed.

Overwatch finally has a Report system

As you can see in the gif shared by a Reddit user named Arsenal2454, we have several options to report a user: Spam, abusive chat, cheating, griefing, inactivity, bad battletag and poor teamwork. And the most beautiful thing about this report system is that these reports are context-based. If you are reporting a user for selecting a “wrong hero” the system will not let you. It’s none of your business. But if that person wasn’t doing the job he/she is supposed to do in that match; well, it lets you report.

Also, if you think that a player is a complete “noob”, you can report that person without being obliged to verbally abuse him/her.

Stay tuned!

(Cover visual by Liang-Xing)

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  1. Overwatch always had a report system, very robust and will let you select the title and type, now it has a few more titles, but you can’t type on the report…

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