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Sci-fi Metroidvania ‘Kova’ is on Steam Greenlight

“Why have humans been alone in the Universe?”

Most of you probably know that Steam Greenlight is in its last days and I am almost sure that it is also the golden days of it. Today, a charming title from Black Hive, Kova, is waiting for you on Greenlight.

Kova is a metroidvania RPG set in a distant, technologically-advanced future when human-kind has colonized planets across galaxies. Again, we are the master of the universe. As Kova Rimori, you spend your days working as a space mercenary. Can you imagine that one day even being a space mercenary would be boring? Anyhow, after we get across a foreign beacon, a series of unfortunate events takes place. We end up on a uninhabited, icy planet. Wondering about the situation, you begin to unravel the story of Kova. But, be careful; the story may not lead somewhere safe. If you ask the question “Why have humans been alone in the Universe?”, it is never safe.

While we are investigating the story of the beacon, we will explore different planets, meet with allies and foes and take side missions to increase the abilities of their weapons, suits and ships.

Here are the key features of Kova:

  • Join one of three factions, each with their own perks, missions and dialog options
  • Craft shift upgrades, ammo and other items
  • FPS-like combat controls paired-down for 2D, allowing you to fully aim and control trajectory
  • Take on side missions to get information and earn credits, so you can upgrade your skills, ship and weapons
  • Uncover one of the universe’s greatest mysteries by collecting and analyzing beacons
  • Explore a variety of planets with their own distinct atmosphere, different town hubs and side-missions to take on.

You can find some screenshots of Kova below:

Kova is now waiting for you on Steam Greenlight. If you are satisfied with what you’ve seen so far, go ahead and vote for it.


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