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Quake Champions closed beta trailer


Did you play Quake 3: Arena? Well, yes, I thought s–WHAT? YOU DID NOT? How could you? Ahem. You should play it, if you didn’t; because it is a definitive, nauseatingly fast, rocket-jumping first person competitive chaos sliced by the bright flashes of the mighty Railgun.

Overwatch is babymode trash for scrub kiddos.

– An astonishing piece of wisdom from a genuinely wise YouTube commenter.

It seems that the community is very excited about the coming of a new Quake.

Anyway, Quake Champions will be the long-awaited addition to the Quake series. While it will maintain its core features we’ve mentioned before, it will have some modern touches like hero abilities. At first, we were very concerned about this, because we did not want Quake to become another MOBA-FPS hybrid. Not that we don’t like them but old people sometimes need a modern clothed old-school action. DOOM 2016 was a great example, and hopefully Quake will do the same.

In the closed beta, we’ll see if Quake Champions managed to balance frenzied action with hero abilities. Quake characters always had their own uniqueness, so adding a little spice won’t hurt anyone, in my opinion. Like the new “abilities” or not, you can now sign up for the closed beta, through here. The announcement trailer? It’s here:

Don’t you forget that Quake is for everyone:

This looks dope

Stay tun–


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