Tracer’s Pulse Guns from Overwatch Made Real

It is actually working, so don’t try to make one at home people.

Seriously, you’ll hurt yourself (or your domestic animals) (or your annoying neighbors) (or your baloons). YouTube channel LaserGadgets tried to replicate Tracer’s pulse guns and apperently, they’ve succeeded. The replica uses blue and purple laser beams to work -hell, they even made an active reloading disk. See it in action:

(Warning: This video contains disturbing images for the people that are attached to t-shirts, cd cases and baloons.)

Some commenters say that this is a perfect replica, for its damage is exceedingly┬áclose to the real ones. Heheh. Nevertheless, it’s good to see some user-related content about Tracer that does not contain kinky stuff. Really, what is happening people? We are really bored of seeing degenerated┬ánews about Overwatch characters everyday. Please stop it and go outside sometime. Meeting people┬áin civilized┬áways is more kinky most of the time, and surely works better for your mental health.

Anyway, “Where are the goddamned laser beams?!” you asked, and here they are! Go pop some baloons and stuff! (Disclaimer:┬á“And stuff” part does not -should not- involve your neighbors or your ex’s new boy/girlfriends)

(Source: Destructoid)

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