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Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Trailer & Release Date

Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Trailer & Release Date

Let me make a confession first: I would love to play The Elder Scrolls Online, very curious about it; but it is too big in size both for my computer and my internet. My computer lacks the free space; because you probably realized that there is a “clean OS” threshold and when you cross that threshold, you can never free enough space on your computer. No ccleaners will help and you are doomed to format it… As for my internet, I have three words and a hidden cussword: Fair usage quota, ************.

Anyway, it is great as an online game; but not a great Elder Scrolls game as we all know it. Bethesda, by the way, are trying to support its gameplay with the immense Elder Scrolls lore since before the game’s release. Now, they are releasing the greatest content for TESO ever: Morrowind. And it has an astonishing -as usual- trailer:

Firstly, we can see the new class “Warden” in action. Battlemage? Druid? Why not both? And there is an immense amount of dwemer machinery in action, which makes one wonder what would it be like to play TESV: Skyrim with these visuals.

The upcoming expansion will take place 700 years before the events in TESIII: Morrowind, and brings Vvardenfell island back with 30 hours of gameplay, “Battleground” PvP mode and a new Trial.

You can upgrade your existing TESO to TESO: Morrowind for $40, and the newcomers will pay $60 for all content. These newcomers will also be able to start directly from Vvardenfell, jumping headfirst into the Morrowind content.

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind will be out on June 6th for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Mac. Get ready Tamriel dwellers!

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