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For Honor’s Closed Beta Dates Announced with a Marvellous Trailer

You, who has never faced true fear, learn what honor is before pretending you are a warrior.

Upcoming online action hack and slash game For Honor surely knows how to touch your heart. For Honor has some dramatic yet beautiful trailers but this one made me want this game more than anything.

For Honor promises “The Art of Battle” by hand to hand combat. We will become on of The Legion, The Chosen or The Warborn and fight for honor. A Medieval Knight, a Viking and a Samurai walk into a battle arena? Anyway.

We will enjoy the fight between Knights, Samurai and Vikings on February 14 and since it is so close now, closed beta is about to start. From January 26 and until January 29, the closed beta will take place. The War of the Factions will track all players during the closed beta and reward those who fight well.

Along with that, players who join closed beta will be rewarded with Emblems of Old which represents the “undying bravery and resilience of For Honor’s mightiest heroes”. You can later apply this emblem into your weapon or armor in game.

You can still go ahead and sign up for closed beta. If you are willing to do so, visit here. Below, you can watch the closed beta announcement trailer. Enjoy!


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Written by Emine Öztürk

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