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Some Weird Info on Half-Life 3

(I will try not to put any sentimental opinions in this newspiece.)

Half-Life 3 is a game that a lot of people waits for desperately. After the immense success of the first two games, two episodes and one cliffhanger that drove some of the fans crazy; the desperation is perfectly understandable.

In the last “The Game Informer Show”, Game Informer writer Andrew Reiner dropped some bombs about the developments stages of Half-Life 3. He states that it was a “hot mess”, that there were a lot of little teams working on completely different ideas about gameplay. A real-time strategy game was on the table of one of the teams (I am trying really hard right now) and a live-action adventure game was another bright idea. He also states that the “real” developers who spoke about the development of Episode 3 between the years 2007-2009; were silent:

“I talked to one developer who actually gave me legitimate information and told me it was a hot mess. Like, there were so many different prototypes that small teams (4-5 people) working on them that just never got off the ground. But said two of the directions they were going, and I kid you not, this is a real thing that apparently happened. One was going to be like an RTS game for Half-Life 3. And another one involved live actors, and it was going to be a new type of adventure action game with actual actors. Kind of like Nighttrap but more advanced.”

You can watch the excerpt here:


What does this mean? Well, I’ve stated that I will not be giving away any sentimental opinions about this issue; but we can realistically say that somebody is definitely fucking with us.

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