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Fallout: New Vegas – The Frontier Mod Enables Space Travel & Driving

A new trailer comes!

Maybenexttime shared a new trailer for their upcoming project, The Frontier Mod for Fallout: New Vegas. The Frontier Mod offers a frozen open world of 16 by 16 km in the northwestern part of U.S.A., new gameplay, new quests, dynamic weather and Team Wolfpack. You need to have the base game and four official DLCs for The Frontier.


As we can see now, The Frontier will also bring space travel and driveable vehicles to the game. And with space travel, there comes space fight. The Frontier Mod looks beautiful, huge and will let you dive into the unforgiving environment of Fallout.

Here is the new trailer:

There is a Discord channel you can join and discuss about The Frontier. There is no release date yet but they are pushing for a winter release.


What do you think?


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