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Puzzle Adventure Game Candle is Out

Previously, we have mentioned about Daedalic Entertainment’s upcoming puzzle adventure game Candle as a visual masterpiece and shared some screenshots. Now, puzzle adventure game Candle is out.

As Teku, we will try to rescue our tribe’s shaman from the evil Wakcha-Clan. Our way is full of traps and obstacles. Yet, knowing that our left hand is a candle is reassuring. With this candle, we can light our way and defeat enemies.


Key Features

  • Pay attention to all details to solve challenging puzzles
  • Always be on guard, the next trap lies in waiting
  • You hold the power of the flame in your hand
  • Hand-painted watercolor drawing, a painting coming to life
  • Gorgeous soundtrack with South-American Flair

Candle is now out for PC gamers, you can visit Steam page for more information.

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