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Battlefield 3’s Lead Designer is Back with Indie First Person Title ‘Project Wight’

Lead designer of Battlefield 3David Goldfarb, is now leading an independent studio named as The Outsiders and The Outsider is now on our agenda with their new first-person title, Project Wight.

While playing Project Wight, you will be an intelligent creature instead of a human being. Project Wight is set in an alternate history of early Viking era where creatures and humans are not even close living in peace.

In the beginning, you are a baby creature. You are fragile and vulnerable. Even if you are a creature, when spotted you can be murdered easly since you are not fully evolved. Therefore, you need to run and hide, evade from humans. In time, you will get bigger and stronger enough to fight your enemies. As it seems, we can bite, use our claw and roar.

Here is the sneak peek video of Project Wight. Enjoy!

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