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Red Dead Redemption 2 Has a Trailer!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call stunning. We don’t know how to state our feelings when we saw the sky above the campfire but they go something like this: “HNNNNG”. (It is two news in a row that we’ve stated some inhuman gibberish, but I think you’ll excuse our excitement over these great news.) Here is the trailer, cowboys/cowgirls, enjoy:

The video shows off a story narrative near its end, but the greatest thing about it is the tranquility of nature that -literally- comes to life with in the virtual hands of the talented RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine). Here is the screenshot of the sky we’ve mentioned:

RDR2 will hit our latest generation consoles (no sign of a PC release for now, unfortunately) in fall 2017.

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