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Devolver Digital at E3: Serious Sam 4 is Coming?

In a yesterday tweet, Devolver Digital, the publisher of mostly controversial, announced that they will be demo-ing new titles such as Absolver, Shadow Warrior 2, STRAFE (my personal favorite) and a “new Croteam title” at E3. Well, two things could be a new Croteam title: Serious Sam or Talos Principle (if it is not a new IP). Talos Principle 2 is already announced, so it is most probably the new Serious Sam game! Here is the mentioned tweet:

Croteam had nearly-confirmed the announcement by stating the passcode, “serious” in their Facebook page:

(Now it feels a little strange again, first sharing a tweet and then sharing that tweet’s FB post. Oh man.)

We are seriously waiting for more info & demoes from Devolver Digital at E3! Stay tuned.

(Source: DSOGaming)

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