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Finally! Dishonored 2 Release Date Announced!

Look what we got here! [unintelligible roaring noises]

First, I think I need to come clear that Dishonored was the first stealth game I have really enjoyed. More like the first one I was able to play since I am more a ‘shotgun in your face’ person. Graphics were good, soundtrack was decent, story was charming, you can either murder everyone or spare them. A world to discover while you discover the truth about the story. The world changes as you make choices. It was a beautiful stealth experience which gamers were waiting for a long time. It was a pleasure, thank you.

Now, Dishonored 2 is coming! On November 11, we will hopefully dive into a tremendous stealth world again playing as grown up Emily which we remember from the first game. Look how big she is now, time really flies.

According to previous news, we will be able to choose between first game protagonist Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin. Emily and Corvo have different powers and abilities. We know that Corvo has blink while Emily has a magical grappling hook and can turn into something shadow-like.

And again, in the trailer below we can hear the sound of The Outsider who is the reason you have magical powers. Always making you question yourself and usage of your powers. Leaving you with the choice of using this powers for good or evil, makes him what he is, a mixture of God and the Devil.

Only thing we have is the E3 2015 announce trailer. Until we are back with news, enjoy.

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