YES! The Thieves Guild is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online!

Finally, the Thieves Guild that we tried so hard to return it’s former glory, is now coming to The Elder Scrolls Online.

It was suprising that Thieves Guild wasn’t already a part of The Elder Scrolls Online. The Thieves Guild questline was extremely fun and pestilent to follow. Personally I always try to be the good guy while playing games but, that was until joining the guild. Then everything’s changed and I ended up being the Master of the Guild, of course, with 46454435 million bounty in all nine holds. And guards telling me to ‘stop’ everytime they see me. Surely, Thieves Guild is one of the most interesting ways to experience stealthy side of The Elder Scrolls.
According to Zenimex Online Sudios, Thieves Guild DLC is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online as a two-part deal. The DLC pack will have a new zone named Hew’s Bane, new quests, new content and a new 12-player challenge. And for the base game there will be a patch which will include balance changes, group improvements, a multitude of combat and scroling combat text.
And there comes the questions. Will the DLC pack be free? What about the patch? When are they coming? For now, we have no information about the price and only thing we know about the time is that it is ‘coming soon’. With the Thieves Guild DLC arrival, is there a chance we become a Nightingale again and have that glorious armor set? That was one of my favorite light armor. Can we, please?!
Also, I hope there will be a character like Delvin. He is the Jason Statham of The Elder Scrolls and I can’t imagine a Thieves Guild without him.
We will be back with news.

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