Valve is Facing A Lawsuit Over Digital Gaming Dominance

Valve is being challenged by a game developer along with two other people with a lawsuit, the reason is Valve’s dominance in digital PC game copies’ distribution.

CEO David Rosen has announced on a blog by Wolfire Games that he is the leader of a class-action antitrust lawsuit, representing game developers. He says that the dominance of Valve over the digital gaming industry along with their 30% service fees has led game prices to increase. And any actions taken against this fee would result in the game being “removed from Steam”.

David explains his motivation for the lawsuit as “gamers and game developers are being harmed by Valve’s conduct”.

David Rosen aims to find a solution that forces Valve to stop “interfering with pricing on other stores, and allow gamers and developers to make their own decisions”.

Overgrowth is a game developed by Wolfire Games, and it was originally released on Steam. After asking Valve about putting the game on other stores, they were told that if the game were sold at a lower price anywhere, the game would be removed from Steam.

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