New Pokémon Snap’s Wailord Is Really Cute and Enormous!

New Pokémon Snap is out now, and it comes with a really cute and funny Pokémon. The Wailord, the biggest Pokémon. I have to warn you if you don’t want spoilers about the Pokémon reveals in New Pokémon Snap you should not read further. (Thanks IGN)

The appearance of the Wailord is a really incredible surprise and it’s really fun to see this enormous Pokémon slowly swimming in the ocean and splashing some water at the player’s camera.

Also, once you get to the later versions of the level and visit the Reef with more experience more Wailord will appear in the ocean. You can take really cute and cool photos when this happens. IGN shared a video of Wailord’s first appearance if you wonder how it looks in-game.

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