T-Pain Beats The Sh*t Out of A Racist Call of Duty Squad

T-Pain is not only a successful rapper but also a great Call of Duty player. His skills are well known around people and probably there aren’t many players out there who can beat him. During one of his streams, he had to take on a team that is full of desperate craps.

As it can be seen in the video below, the enemy team begins to use racial slurs and insult the Black Lives Matter movement. Although the slurs are censored, it’s still disgusting to know that those people are using them.

It’s just annoying and saddening to see people trying to ruin others’ time in games. It’s also making me furious that people like them are still present in multiplayer games like Call of Duty. Fortunately, though, T-Pain literally eradicates them with his skills, showing the racist scumbags who the boss is.

His accuracy, skills, and efficiency are just amazing. He knows what he is doing and there are no limits for what he can or cannot do. T-Pain taught those racists a good lesson, and he will probably continue to do so.

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