Gearbox, The Studio Behind Borderlands Testified Against Texas Anti-Trans Bill!

We all know Gearbox, the studio behind the great game series Borderlands. Gearbox testified in front of Texas’s House of Representatives in an attempt to block an anti-trans bill. Studio executive David Najjab explained that this bill would potentially threaten businesses as the “best and brightest” would be harder to employ in Texas. And they said that because of this if this bill went ahead Gearbox would have cause it to expand outside of Texas. They could even leave Texas completely.

So you might be wondering what is this bill about. This bill would legislate that trans school students must compete in sport as the gender they were assigned at birth. And Kotaku reports that this was not the first time that Gearbox stood against the anti LGBTQ+ bills. They previously testified in another similar bill that would implement a similar rule for the school bathrooms.

David Najjab explained “I’m a Texan, I was born here. I know it’s a welcoming, friendly place. I want us to push that, not be making up laws we don’t need. Our game company’s in competition worldwide. We sell more to Asia than we do in the United States. We bring a lot of money into this state. We’re headquartered here. Don’t drive us to where we have to start expanding outside of Texas and outside of the country. We want to keep doing business here.”

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