Australian Politician Linked GTA and TikTok to Toxic Treatment Of Women!

So another day and we have another news of a politician linking video games with some random violence or bad stuff. We are used to it now because most old people think that ”video-game bad, phone bad, movies bad, etc.”. So not surprisingly, the game we have on our hands is Grand Theft Auto.

This is going to sound stupid but, A senior Australian government minister went on TV and linked the Grand Theft Auto with the toxic treatment of women.

Reported by Kotaku AU, says that Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and the Federal Deputy Opposition Leader Richard Marles took to Channel 9’s Today Show to discuss the current national focus on the treatment of women. So at some point in that conversation, they linked video games with the subject.

So Dutton starts his speech about the subject as “And it’s not uncommon: young girls, hand up a skirt, on a breast, etc, it’s completely unacceptable behavior. For teenage boys, it’s incumbent on parents first and foremost, to make sure that we are teaching them the right values, the respect they need to have towards women.” So at this point, you can agree or not but he makes a decent argument. However, then he starts to talk about Grand Theft Auto and TikTok.

 “I think what we should demand is the same laws that apply in real life, apply online.”  He also says that unfiltered content on TikTok affects the minds of “young, impressionable boys and girls”.

And then he begins to talk about the Grand Theft Auto series, “If you’re playing Grand Theft Auto, as a 13-year-old boy, and lots of teenage boys will do, you can go – in that game, not just, you know, drive cars recklessly, you can go for a lap dance, you can go and shoot police. And so we need to have a broader conversation about the influences on those young boys, both in a family setting and a societal setting, and particularly online.”

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