It Looks Like We Won’t Get a Story DLC for Last of Us Part 2!

We have some bad news for you, it looks like we won’t get a story DLC for the Last of Us Part 2. In a conversation with MinnMax Show, journalist Jason Schreier has revealed that Naughty Dog had a plan of making a story DLC for the game, but they canceled it.

On the podcast with MinnMax show, Schreier was talking about Sony’s obsession with blockbuster games, and at one point in the conversation, Schreier explained “If you’re a bunch of people at Naughty Dog – you finish The Last of Us 2,” says Schreier. “Neil Druckmann and some other creative people go off in a room somewhere and say “what do we want to make next? Let’s figure it out”. So you have hundreds of people at the studio who don’t have a lot to work on. There’s this multiplayer thing that they’re doing – I don’t know what stage that is in, but I doubt it needs everybody. That’s a stand-alone multiplayer thing. I believe at one point they were thinking about DLC but I don’t think that happened. Don’t hold me to that they might still do something, I don’t know. But they had a bunch of people who still needed work and so it was an elegant solution”

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