Scientists Are Investigating The Reason Behind Players Choosing Inverted Controls!

A group of scientists began to investigate the reason behind some players choosing inverted controls while playing video games.

So if you are a PC gamer and if you don’t exactly know what inverted controls mean, it’s a feature that mostly works on controllers. So what does it do? Basically, if you move the analog stick downwards while the feature is on, the game camera will move upwards. And the same goes for the other way. However, the left and right remain the same.

This project was made by a team at Brunel University London. It was actually inspired by an article from The Guardian, and one of the scientists Dr. Jennifer Corbett actually interviewed in that article. She explained, “Although it’s not per se a topic we’d study in our lab, we’d had to pause regular EEG and eye-tracking experiments due to Covid and shift to online experiments, This was the perfect opportunity to pursue such a question, especially given how much this has excited the hardcore gamers in our lab.”

“For example, it may be the case that the extent to which a person relies on visual versus bodily context has a huge influence on whether or not they choose to invert the Y-axis on their gaming consoles,” she continued. Naturally, the results of the study won’t only be used to bridge the gap between the inverted controls camp and the default controls camp. “There’s a gaping hole in our knowledge regarding how our visual perception is heavily dependent on the rest of this vast majority of sensory information. Being able to predict how a person will interact within a given environment or context can bring about monumental advancements in technology.”

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