Ludwig Broke The Ninja’s Twitch Sub Record After a 31 Days Long Marathon!

The twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren broke the all-time Twitch sub-record of 269,154. This record of 269,154 was set by the famous streamer Ninja back in 2018.

 And it was not easy for Ludwig, it took 31 days of non-stop streaming marathon. Ludwig began streaming on March 14 with a simple rule on his streams; each new sub adds ten seconds to a countdown clock that signals the end of the show. This marathon actually went for a really long amount of time but on April 13 Ludwig pulled the plug.

This was a really exciting marathon to watch, there were multiple times where the timer dropped below one minute. But people kept supporting the stream with the subscriptions and the show went on for a whole month.

On the last day, Ludwig promised to match each sub with a $5 donation to either St. Jude Children’s Hospital or the Animal Humane Society. And right now he is the most subbed Twitch streamer with over 273.000 subscribers.

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