Outriders Player Discovered 23 GB of Useless Crash Dumps in Their PC!

We are pretty much used to games being big and taking much more space on our computer than it used to take. But recently an Outriders player discovered 23GB of crash dumps in a Windows folder. Yes, some crash dumps are taking 23 GB of your free space!

It is kind of normal for some games to save crash data. Because they send it to the developers and they work on the game based on crash reports. But a whole 23GB worth of crash data, that’s just madness!

And if you have Outriders installed in your computer and if you are wondering where these 23 GB worth of useless files are, they are stored in Users/[You]/AppData/Local/Madness/Saved.

If you are wondering who is the white knight who saved us from these useless files, all thanks go to the Redditor u/Toasteroven47. And yes, it is safe to delete all of that files.

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