Take A Look at Resident Evil Village’s Map!

We got a map for the Resident Evil Village thanks to IGN. But it is not a top-down map where it shows the details of the game universe, it’s like an abstract kind of map and to be honest, I think that it is better this way because it actually suits the universe and it gives us hints about the map but it doesn’t say it all.

You can look more closely at to map to see the little details and to get to know about the village. Village’s director Morimasa Sato explained “When you hear the word ‘village’, you might imagine quaint houses lined up along a street, but that’s not really enough to make a video game out of. Especially in a horror game, I think it’s important to keep providing new experiences along the way. Within the village, it’s important to keep delivering new surprises to the player.” while discussing the map’s diverse landscape to IGN.

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